InfiniG Introduces First True Neutral Host Service using Shared Spectrum for Enhanced In-Building Mobile Coverage

September 21, 2023

Mobile World Congress, Las Vegas, NV September 21, 2023 -- After years of steadfast innovation and collaboration with leading industry giants, InfiniG proudly presents its groundbreaking Neutral Host as a Service (NHaaS). This visionary solution, seamlessly integrating shared spectrum and state-of-the-art cloud technology, sets a new benchmark for in-building mobile coverage. InfiniG, ever at the forefront of neutral host innovations, invites enterprises nationwide to experience this transformational service.

"We're excited to introduce the industry’s first true neutral host service with multiple Tier 1 mobile operators that is set to redefine the industry," said Joel Lindholm, InfiniG founder and CEO. "Our collaboration with the mobile operators, enterprises, commercial real estate owners, and partners has birthed an innovative new model."

InfiniG's potential spans over 40 billion square feet of previously unserved commercial space. As founding members of the OnGo Alliance, InfiniG's team developed the NHaaS model using the CBRS shared wireless spectrum that enables mobile coverage in buildings that could not be covered using legacy approaches.

Key InfiniG NHaaS advantages include:

·     Simple, scalable, and cost-effective

·     True mobile coverage from multiple MNOs

·     Flexibility for customers to evolve their network

·     Friendly to mobile operators and enterprises

·     Improves property value and tenant satisfaction

·     Applicable to commercial buildings of any size

The service integrates optimized shared infrastructure across a building linked to InfiniG's cloud-driven platform. This robust solution oversees essential operations for mobile operator coverage, including agreements, spectrum access, software upgrades, and data analytics. Crucially,NHaaS connects buildings to mobile operator networks with zero manual intervention.

"InfiniG’s advanced neutral host system efficiently provides mobile connectivity for our mobility subscribers within venues where they need enhanced coverage,” said JR Wilson, VicePresident, Tower Strategy & Roaming, AT&T. “This new model aligns seamlessly with our in-building network strategy and provides another tool in the toolbox to allow enterprises, partnering with operators, to provide the best connectivity possible.”  

"Our Bring Your Own Coverage 2.0 offering was created to support this model. We're enthusiastic about working with industry pioneers, InfiniG, to extend our indoor mobile coverage," remarked Jeff Holzinger, Senior Director, Access Network Development at T-Mobile. "Their approach enables us to swiftly augment and enhance the in-building user experience by leveraging a shared infrastructure model."

InfiniG’s NHaaS provides in-building coverage for a broad array of building sizes and vertical industries. It is currently being deployed in a variety of hospitality, healthcare, higher education, industrial, and office spaces.

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About InfiniG:

Founded by industry pioneers Joel Lindholm and Fuad Abdelaziz, each with three decades of experience in cellular and enterprise networking, including mobile network operations. Widely recognized as the team that developed this new, disruptive model that solves a broad industry problem using a collaborative approach. They are industry experts in CBRS, neutral host networks and have deployed this type of network at Meta’s properties.

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