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Experience unparalleled in-building mobile coverage with InfiniG's Neutral Host as a Service (NHaaS)

Everything you need for impeccable wall-to-wall mobile coverage

  • Seamless Integration - Blend NHaaS effortlessly with your existing tech infrastructure.
  • Scalable Solutions - Grow and adapt with flexible NHaaS tailored to your property's size and needs.
  • Robust Security - Prioritizing the safety of your data and ensuring secure connections every time.
  • 24/7 Support - Our expert team is always on standby, ensuring your connectivity never falters.
InfiniG’s advanced neutral host system efficiently provides mobile connectivity for our mobility subscribers within venues where they need enhanced coverage This new model aligns seamlessly with our in-building network strategy and provides another tool in the toolbox to allow enterprises, partnering with operators, to provide the best connectivity possible.
JR Wilson
Vice President, Tower Strategy & Roaming - AT&T
Our Bring Your Own Coverage 2.0 offering was created to support this model. We're enthusiastic about working with industry pioneers, InfiniG, to extend our indoor mobile coverage. Their approach enables us to swiftly augment and enhance the in-building user experience by leveraging a shared infrastructure model.
Jeff Holzinger
Senior Director, Access Network Development - T-Mobile
Our Neutral Host solution [NHaaS by InfiniG] empowers enterprises to finally take control of the quality of cellular coverage within their four walls and deliver the connectivity that employees, customers and guests require.
Brett Lasher
General Manager - Cox Private Networks
Why Choose InfiniG NHaaS?
Setting the stage for a coverage revolution, InfiniG's NHaaS promises optimized, efficient, and cost-effective in-building solutions. Step into the future of seamless mobile coverage with us.
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