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The Need for Neutral Host

In today's connected world, 80% of mobile use happens indoors. Yet, expanding seamless mobile coverage for 4G and 5G services in buildings is a challenge for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) due to budget and infrastructural constraints. Environmental construction trends, like low-emission e-Glass, hinder wireless signals, further emphasizing the need for innovative indoor solutions. While major venues might have adequate coverage, essential sectors like hospitals and schools often lag behind. InfiniG sees Shared Spectrum as the key, offering a cost-effective and scalable solution to bridge this indoor coverage gap.

Defining NHaaS

NHaaS, or Neutral Host as a Service, represents a transformative approach to in-building mobile coverage. Instead of relying on individual Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to provide separate infrastructures, NHaaS introduces a shared infrastructure model. This neutral host system allows multiple MNOs to offer their services on a singular, shared network within a building, ensuring comprehensive and seamless coverage for all users, irrespective of their individual network providers.

Benefits of NHaaS

Universal Coverage: No matter the mobile network, users experience robust and reliable mobile coverage.
Cost-Efficiency: By sharing infrastructure, MNOs can significantly reduce their capital expenditure (CAPEX) and operational costs.
Simplicity for Building Owners: Instead of negotiating with multiple MNOs, building owners can collaborate with a single NH Operator, streamlining the entire process.
Enhanced User Experience: With no need for unique configurations or multiple network log-ins, users enjoy a seamless and straightforward connection process.

How NHaaS Works

Shared Infrastructure: Key resources such as radios, LAN/WAN networks, and broadband connections are shared, creating a unified system that supports multiple MNOs.
Regulatory Adherence:
NHaaS solutions ensure complete compliance with all regulatory services, from standard mobile services like voice and data to vital public safety measures like e911.
Security and Privacy:
In an era where data protection is paramount, NHaaS prioritizes network security for both the building and the MNOs, ensuring user data privacy and security.
From massive commercial spaces to medium and smaller buildings, NHaaS is versatile, addressing diverse property sizes and needs.

NHaaS vs Legacy Solutions

Universal vs. Limited: Unlike traditional systems that offer coverage based on individual MNOs, NHaaS guarantees universal coverage, irrespective of the network provider.
Economically Viable: NHaaS slashes both installation and operational costs compared to legacy solutions.
Streamlined Deployment: With an emphasis on easy deployment, NHaaS models are often likened to the simplicity of WLAN (Wi-Fi) integration.
Shared Spectrum: CBRS shared spectrum model allows multiple MNOs to use the same resources, reducing complexity and costs.

Why Choose InfiniG NHaaS?
Setting the stage for a coverage revolution, InfiniG's NHaaS promises optimized, efficient, and cost-effective in-building solutions. Step into the future of seamless mobile coverage with us.
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